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Enter headlines, choose your image platform and start! Print single or multiple articles in a few clicks! Your article will be ready in 30 seconds - 1 minute on average. Generated You can publish or download the article to your Wordpress site with a single click.

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There are no technical processes! All processes running in the background we control it. We follow the system 24/7. The only thing you need to do Enter the headlines, launch and sit back!

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Our article panel is as simplified and functional as possible. Your designed to fulfill your most tedious tasks in the simplest way.

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We are available when you need us with flexible support hours. Live support You can reach us at any time via whatsapp and e-mail. Solving your problems and we are here to answer your questions.
Curious answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Google Catch Generated Articles?
    "Rewarding high quality content, no matter how it is created" As Google explains in detail in its article, whether the article is printed with artificial intelligence or in other ways will not change anything. What matters is the quality of the article. As a result, even if Google realizes that the articles are written by artificial intelligence, it evaluates them in the same way as handwritten content.
  • Do Created Articles Get Indexed?
    We have not yet had a customer who has encountered an index problem. However, this does not mean that you will not encounter index problems. Even handwritten articles can hardly get indexed. This situation will vary according to the algorithm of search engines. You can print articles with the gifted article rights and check if they are indexed. We do not sell any product without testing it!
  • Do Articles Rank?
    As Google explains, the factor in ranking is not what it is printed with, but whether it is of good quality. Both hand-written articles and artificial intelligence-written articles can constantly disappear from the ranking and settle in the ranking. This is a method search engines use to measure how readers respond to the article.

    While there is no guarantee of ranking even for handwritten articles, it is not possible to guarantee order for automated printed articles. There are dozens of factors for ranking. The majority of our customers do not have problems with ranking, index and Adsense approval.
  • Do You Guarantee?
    Even with handwritten articles there are no guarantees. Now 90% of writers take help from Chatgpt when writing articles. Chatgpt does very good work on articles. We offer you articles using this infrastructure. Our guarantee is our trial version. You can test our system and see its quality with the article rights we define for free.
  • What kind of progress do you suggest?
    We recommend slow and planned progress. Printing and publishing hundreds of articles a day will not bring you success and will harm you. We recommend that you proceed in a planned manner by publishing a few articles a day.
    With free cms services such as Blogger and Wordpress, you can build shell blogs and link from these blogs to your main site to increase your rankings.
  • Do You Invoice?
    Yes, we do. We are a corporate company and we invoice all the services you receive and deliver them to you at the end of the service.
  • How Long Does It Take to Write an Article and How Many Words Does It Take?
    All our articles are written in an average of 1 minute. When you enter 100 titles into the system at the same time and start it, 100 articles will be ready in an average of 1 minute. The word count of our articles is around 1500 - 2000 words on average.
  • Which Languages Do You Support?
    • Turkish
    • English
    • Azerbaijani language
    • German
    • Czech
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Arabic
    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Slovak
    • Ukrainian
    • Bulgarian
    • Danish
    • Korean
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Thai
    • Hungarian
    • Slovenian
    • Estonian
    • Dutch

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We claim to be the best automation you've ever used. Why is that?
  • We are fully compatible with Wordpress!
  • We trust our content. We always give you an article to try before you buy.
  • We find solutions to your problems together. We fulfill your wishes.
  • We offer a template system for your different requests. We enable you to print what you want to artificial intelligence with your own prompts.
  • We offer the best uptime. We optimize our uptime with our powerful servers. we keep it at a level.
  • We offer the best support you can get.
  • We are constantly updating. We carefully evaluate every feedback we receive from you and constantly update our system.


We are with you with the most affordable price and the highest quality. All our packages have the lowest was created with the aim of offering the most rights with the most fees.
Month Starter Package
  • ✅ 300 Article Printing Rights
  • ✅ Can be used for 1 month
  • ✅ Lifetime Access to Printed Articles as Long as No Data Loss
  • ✅ 250,000 Wordpress Site Addition
  • ✅ No Api Key Cost
20 USD
Month Advanced Package
  • ✅ 2.500 Article Printing Rights
  • ✅ Can be used for 1 month
  • ✅ Lifetime Access to Printed Articles as Long as No Data Loss
  • ✅ 250,000 Wordpress Site Addition
  • ✅ No Api Key Cost
40 USD
Month Enterprise Package
  • ✅ 10.000 Article Printing Rights
  • ✅ Can be used for 1 month
  • ✅ Lifetime Access to Printed Articles as Long as No Data Loss
  • ✅ 250,000 Wordpress Site Addition
  • ✅ No Api Key Cost

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Ability to print batch or individual articles - Option to specify subheadings or automatic subheading

You don't need to depend on us. You can create and use your own template!

No word count limit! You can produce articles of thousands of words in seconds!

Automatic Youtube video and in-site linking feature in the article

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